Quality Assurance Report Template

The SWAMP Data Management Team (DMT) and Quality Assurance Team (QAT) have created templates for the Quality Assurance section of the SWAMP Regional Report. To ensure consistent presentation and reporting of quality assurance (QA) data, these templates include a narrative and table.

Narrative: SWAMP_Regional_Report_QA_Section_Narrative_Template (updated 02/29/08)

Table: SWAMP_Regional_Report_QA_Section_Tables_Template (updated 02/29/08)

Both templates should be incorporated into the report, but each region may determine their location within the report. They may be included in the main body or as an appendix.

Regions requiring assistance with the Quality Assurance section of their annual report may contact the DMT or QAT. The availability of assistance is dependent on the workload at the time of the request. Regions requesting assistance should submit a list of datasets (by fiscal year) to be incorporated in the report and an estimated completion date for the narrative.

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