Quality Assurance

The Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program Quality Assurance Program Plan
The Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPrP) serves as an umbrella document for use by each of SWAMP’s contributing projects. It describes the program’s quality system in terms of organizational structure; the functional responsibilities of management and staff; the lines of authority; and the interfaces for those planning, implementing, and assessing all activities conducted.

Quality Control and Sample Handling Guidelines  new!
SWAMP-funded and SWAMP-comparable projects must observe programmatic requirements pertaining to quality control (QC) sample types, QC sample frequency, measurement quality objectives (MQOs), and sample holding times. These same projects may also adopt SWAMP’s recommendations for sample handling and analytical corrective action.

Quality Assurance Memos
Changes to policies and procedures related to SWAMP quality assurance (QA) are often documented in the form of programmatic memos.

Quality Assurance Project Plan Guidance
A quality assurance project plan (QAPP) is required for certain large, ongoing, or special projects conducted by the Regional Water Quality Control Boards (Regional Boards) or contractors under SWAMP. To streamline the creation of these documents, SWAMP encourages the use of its own standardized review checklist, QAPP template, and SWAMP Advisor Expert System.

Quality Assurance Report Template
The SWAMP Data Management Team (DMT) and Quality Assurance Team (QAT) have created templates for the Quality Assurance section of the SWAMP Regional Report. To ensure consistent presentation and reporting of quality assurance (QA) data, these templates include a narrative and table.

Data Verification and Validation Systems
SWAMP plans to employ three stages of data review: first-party review in the laboratory or field, second-party review by the SWAMP DMT, and third-party validation on a percentage of data by the QAT.

Systems Assessments
The QAT performs periodic onsite and remote quality system assessments of the program’s master contract laboratories.

Quality Assurance Webinar Trainings
The Quality Assurance Team has conducted webinar trainings, available for reference.

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