Quality Assurance

Some of the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) Quality Assurance documents that previously resided on this web page have been moved to the SWAMP website while others have been moved to the DMT SWAMP Data Management Plan web page.


Documents previously found on this page:

  • The SWAMP Quality Assurance Program Plan
  • Quality Assurance Program Plan Memos
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan Guidance; and
  • Quality Assurance Webinar Trainings


To find these documents, please visit the SWAMP website at:


Other documents previously found on this page:

  • Data Verification and Validation Systems


To find these documents, please visit the DMT website at:


If you have questions, contact:
Toni Marshall, Environmental Scientist
State Water Resources Control Board

SWAMP website

For comprehensive SWAMP content, visit the SWRCB's official website


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