Documentation v2.2

Check back periodically for the latest version, indicated by the updated date and the date in the file name.

Information Management Plan (final version 10/04/05)
A PDF document that is the technically-focused and detailed guide on how to use the SWAMP v2.2 database. This document is intended for use by technical personnel focused on database structures as well as business rules for programs that need to be SWAMP-comparable.

Database Training Document (final version 01/16/06)
The complete SWAMP Database User and Laboratory Training Document in PDF format, which is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the SWAMP v2.2 database for field and analytical data entry as well as how to retrieve data for reporting purposes, using queries.

Required Fields Document (final version 8/25/05)
A PDF document that lists fields and tables that are necessary to be SWAMP-comparable. Some fields must be coordinated with the SWAMP Database Management Team.

Minimum Requirements for Historic Data (updated 04/13/09)
A PDF document that describes the minimum requirements needed to report historic data sets in the SWAMP database.

SWAMP File and Batch Naming Conventions (updated 11/16/12)
A PDF document that describes the SWAMP naming conventions for files and batches.

Analytes and Units per Matrix (final version 08/03/07)
A Microsoft Excel document containing the full Analyte List and required reporting units used for the SWAMP v2.2 database. This list includes all conventional inorganic nutrients, organics (PCBs, pesticides, PAHs, TPHs, VOAs), metals, toxicity, and grain size. The list covers water, sediment, and tissue matrices.

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